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Server Rules .:.Grand theft Roleplay.:. By Slosky

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Server Rules .:.Grand theft Roleplay.:. By Slosky Empty Server Rules .:.Grand theft Roleplay.:. By Slosky

Post  Cesar_Cole on Sun 31 Oct 2010, 7:17 am


Please follow our rules or you may end up in being punished for what you break. As every other servers we want our players to follow our rules to make the community somewhat a better place to be in. If you break the rules you will be punished.


Server Advertising
"Server Advertising is when you tell people to join another community, it's not only the IP-Adress that is classified as advertising, if you give out other forum links to other communities or just the name of the server"

Punishment: Ban

"Hacking is when you use any kind of programs that gives you the power to do things other players can, a type of a hacking program is Mod S0biet. Only level three and above admins are allowed to use Mod S0biet for admin purpose, not in roleplay situations."

Punishment: Ban

Money Farming
"Money Farming is when you create accounts and give the starting money to your main account."

Punishment: Ban

Releasing Secret Admins
"Here on GTA-RP we've got admins who are "undercover", Level 1 admins are secret admins and during this period they are not suppose to be known by the public. If someone finds out a Secret Admin they are not allowed to release the name."

Punishment: Ban

__________________________________________________ __


Insulting an Administrator or Staff Member
"Insulting an administrator disrespecting him"

Punishment: Kick (If Repeated 60 minutes prison + Fine + Warning) (Ban if kept on)

"Deathmatching is when you randomly attack/kill another player for no roleplay reason or no reason at all"

Punishment: 15 minutes prison (Warning if repeated)

"Revenge-Killing is when you return and attempt to kill the one who have killed you, when you die you lose 30 minutes of your memory"

Punishment: 15 minutes prison (Warning if repeated)

"Exploiting is when you use a bug to gain advantage, there is also other ways to exploit just for the fun of it. Report the bug instead of abuse it and use it."

Punishment: 25 minutes prison + Warning

"Heliblading is when you take a helicopter/air-craft and blade people with it"

Punishment: 25 minutes prison (Warning if repeated)

Scamming above the limits
"Scamming is when you I.E: Sell/buy someone and do not pay/give what the other player is buying from you. You are allowed to ROLEPLAY scam under 100,000 but if you go above it you will be punished"

Punishment: 20 minutes prison + Fine double amount

Out of Character Hit
"OOC Hit is when you place a contract (/contract) on someone when you don't have the persons name in-character."

Punishment: 30 minutes prison + Fine double amount

Logging to avoid
"Logging to avoid is when you quit your game to avoid death, arrest or anything related to that. You can also log-out to avoid admin punishment, which is a ban-able offense."

Punishment: 20 minutes prison + Warning

Alt-tab to avoid death
"Alt-tab to avoid death is when you alt-tab to avoid being killed. When you alt-tab you can not take any damage"

Punishment: 20 minutes prison + Warning

Releasing Hitman Names
"If you release name OOC'ly of the Hitman Agency you will be punished. If you know a hitman IC you may talk about him to your friends, but if you metagame him you will be punished as-well."

Punishment: 25 minutes prison + Warning

Non-RP Behaviour

Punishment: 20 minutes prison (Warn of continued)

"Rushtazing is when you taze someone who have is aiming/shooting at your or someone else."

Punishment: 20 minutes prison (Warn of continued)

__________________________________________________ __


Abuse of Newbie Chat
"Abusing the Newbie Chat is when you use it for fun, Newbie Chat is suppose to be used for questions & answers regarding the script/server"

Punishment: Fine 10 percent of total money + Newbie Mute

Abuse of Advertisements
"Abusing Advertisements is when you make OOC ads or just retarded ads"

Punishment: Fine 10 percent of total money (Warning if repeated and your phone being taken)

"Spamming is when you send same messages after each other under a short period of time."

Punishment: Kick (Fine if repeated)

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