Grand Theft Roleplay
*Grand Theft Roleplay*
* A New Way To RP *
- FBI Fixed
- More Factions Added
- Blinkers With Arrows
- Cinema Mapped
- New Licenses Place
- New Passport System
- Army Base Mapped
- Key System Fixed
- Eat System Fixed

Have Fun

Forums Rules .:.Grand theft Roleplay.:.

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Forums Rules .:.Grand theft Roleplay.:. Empty Forums Rules .:.Grand theft Roleplay.:.

Post  Cesar_Cole on Sun 31 Oct 2010, 7:14 am


If you break any of these rules it may end up in being warned, banned or removed from the forums. If you continue breaking rules after you get unbanned you will get permanently banned from our Forum Community.

General Rules

• Insulting, rudeness, personal attacks or flaming and disrespecting posts is not allowed. (Flaming a person doing so is not the best solution remember: 2 wrongs does not make a right please simply report his post)
• Advertising other servers (or spam-advertise commersial products), spamming and trolling is not allowed (this includes the forum, email and PM's).
• Do not post in topics that are older than two week, unless you really need to. (Topic Reviving)
• Do not post meaningless stuff, I.E: One short word or non-sense threads.
• Do not post, link or uppload pornographic nature on our forums.
• Do not speak other languages than english over the forums. (Slaine: If you want another language section that is possible just contact Slaine over the forums)
• Hotlinking to illegal internet activities such as software/music piracy are not allowed.
• Do not private message administrators regarding complaints or ban appeals, if you want to make a complaint then make one at the right section and if you are banned then make a ban appeal and if you want an admin to check it than wait.
• Do not post threads about someone should become an administrator or if you think an administrator is bad, make a report about him/her.

Signature & Avatars
•-No links that give you something from user clicks (like game points, or website credits).
•-No offensive images or content (swearing, flaming, adult material, annoying flashing graphics, etc)
•-No images showing the other user's IP Address, ISP, OS info, etc.
•-No links that log a user out of this forum.
•-No immature porn text.

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